Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guardian Angels

Do you believe in angles?  Well I believe there may be a lot of information in the world that suggest angels actually do live among us.   Some may say they are messengers of God, or still others may refer to them as spiritual beings.  And of course there are those who believe in no such thing.  They believe we are alone in this world with no outside help from any one; form God or from anyone else who may live on this planet or on any other planet.  This is a subject I would not normally write about.   But after what happened to me awhile back, and thinking about the incident for some time, I’m inclined to write about it now.

I was treated to a great kindness by someone I did not know.  This in itself is not unusual; people are usually kind to each other.  But this particular act of kindness came exactly at the right moment and time for me in my life.  One day I was down in my luck and was trying to get to a certain place in my car.    However my car did not have enough gas in it to get me to where I wanted to go.   It seemed to me that immediately after my car stopped on the highway, there was another car that also stopped. The man who was driving got out of his car, walked up to my car and asked could he help me.   At the same time the man in the car stopped, so did a man in a tow truck stop. The man who was driving the tow truck approached my car also. I told the man in the car that I had run out of gas.  He was very kind and gave me a twenty dollar bill to buy gas. There were no questions asked, such as did I have money for gas, or did I want to call someone to come and help me…no, none of the usual questions were asked.  After hearing my answer about being out of gas, he simply reached into his wallet and gave me a twenty dollar bill.   Then he turned to the man in the tow truck who had approached my car as well, and asked him to go get me some gas for my car.  The man in the tow truck accepted the money then went to his truck and drove away.  So did the man in the car, but before he left, he said that he wished for me to have a better night.   I only had to wait there on the side of the highway for another 10 minutes or so before the tow truck returned with a can full of gas that he placed in my car. Thanks to both men I was able to drive to a service station and get another 20 dollars of gas for my car.  To this day I am still amazed at how both men stopped at exactly the same time to offer their assistance to me.

What do you think?  Could this have been my guardian angel looking out for me?    Or was the sequence of events all a mere coincidence?  For more information on angels, please read the article by Nell Rose:   http://nell-rose.hubpages.com/hub/Angels-Do-you-believe-they-help-you-in-times-of-emotional-or-physical-crisis

Thanks for your visit toady, and safe travels to you.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I do believe in guardian angels. Please stop by and check out my blog too. Happy Writing

  2. I appreciate you stopping by Cheryl. I am lookinf forward to reading some of your work. I see you are a teacher...so are my daughters. I like writing for children too.