Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve everybody!  Hope all of you will have a happy and safe evening. 
I am totally convinced that I can meet my weight loss goal within the time frame I want to. (by next spring)  I had a good day today but I will admit that I did not have a good week during the week before Christmas. For starters I did not stick to the exercise I planned into my schedule. To make matters worse, I went to a friend's house where there was lots of forbidden food for me.  I didn't engage too much, but I felt a little deprived.  Thankfully I was able to survive that ordeal and return to my senses in good time.  Unfortunately, this situation has been happening to me often during the year.  There seems to always be some sort of function to go to where they load you up with food.  No harm done.  For the most part, I've kept my senses.   Losing weight and turning my body into  one that  physically fit will be a #1 priority for me in 2012. 

I plan to focus on the end results so I wont feel deprived in any way, or be tempted to indulge in foods that I shouldn't.   Thankfully, I've gotten busier with my writing lately.  I'm sure that my writing will help to keep my mind focused on my goals.   Since I love writing so much, it is always a positive sign when I am busy with it.  I seem to focus better. 

I have several writing goals for 2012.  I have three e-books in the works.  One is diet related, one talks of the gifts we have to help us improve our life style and become more focused, and the third one is for children. I hope to release the children's e-book and the diet related e-book sometime in February.  The e-book on a lifestyle change will be released sometime in April. 

In the mean time, please visit hub pages and read some of the articles that I've written.  You can find me at:   Please leave a message in the comment section so I'll know that you were there.  Much appreciated and thank you for visiting this blog.

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