Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weight Control:  Is it as Hard as we Make it to BE?

 There are all different types of excuses why people can’t seem to keep their weight within a healthy range.  The excuses are generally not knowing how to lose weight the healthy way, and making too many of the wrong choices in food. They scuff down their food within the 30 minutes it takes to get out of the shower, get dressed, take keys in hand, and head for the door.  There seems to never be enough time to sit and enjoy a morning breakfast.  Most times lunch and dinner are just as bad.  There is the quick trip to the drive through window at the fast food restaurant for lunch or dinner; and then there are a lot of comfort foods in between.  When it comes to exercising, it is treated in the same hap hazard way.   Some people’s excuse for not working out at the gym is outright comical sometimes.   Some may say that they think it is too daunting; or they are not strong enough, or they may believe that exercise will not do them any good anyway.

This is the perfect time to start eating healthy and getting on the right track in making smart food choices.  You want to lose weight or have a great looking physic?  There is no better time to start making the change in your life than now.  You want to be more energized and in some cases even look a little younger?  Then I suggest you start a weight lose program a-sap.  Many people start out every year making promises to themselves of how they are going to do things better; but then they blow those promises right out the window.  This year there will be no excuses for failing to focus on health and fitness issues.    Making yourself physically fit should be a top priority goal.  You won’t only live longer, but the quality of your life will be highly improved.      

This year promise that there will not be any procrastinating or finding excuses that will hurt your efforts in becoming physically fit.   Here are a few suggestions to help get you started on the right track. 

1)    Be assertive.  To be assertive, you must be proactive.  Being proactive will help you to keep your focus on your goal and on how you are going to achieve it.  You will be proactive by finding time to exercise at least 3 times a week.  You will be proactive by keeping tabs on your progress every day.

2)    Be consistent.  Work your program every day and with enthusiasm.  Watch some of the shows on TV about health and fitness like Dr Oz, or the biggest loser.  This could help to keep you motivated when you are having down days.  There is no reason why you can’t obtain this goal for yourself.

3)     Trust in yourself.  Go forward every day with a bold plan, but be sure you don’t bite off more than what you can chew.  You want your plan to be workable and achievable.  So try not to over-exercise or to under-eat.  Big grandiose plans may be a set up for failure.

4)    Have a vision.  Keep a vision of your goal in your head.  If possible, post a picture of yourself somewhere in your home when you were younger and slimmer.  You can even post smaller goals you may want to obtain while in the process of going after the larger goal.  For instance, perhaps you want to be 4 dress sizes or 4 pants sizes smaller.  You can modify this by posting a short term goal where you will see it every day, like on the bathroom mirror.  The short term goal may be to lose 1 dress size or 1 pants size by next month.

5)    Have fun.  Enjoy yourself while you are trying to obtain your goal.  Treat yourself like royalty.  Use good plates and silverware and not paper plates. Take a leisurely soak in the tub or take nice long showers.  Be comfortable and buy nice tennis shoes and workout clothes.

6)    Reassess.  You should reassess your goal plan to make sure it is working well for you. Keep what is working and change what is not working.   You should reassess every week or so.

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